Our goal is to make sure that everyone gets home safe, every day. For us, zero fatalities is the only acceptable target, and "safety first" is our number one company behaviour. We also believe that having a healthy and engaged workforce is essential for the company and wider community to prosper. This includes prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our people. When our employees can see that DB takes an interest in their wellbeing, we believe our culture is stronger and our people are more productive.

In the brewing industry, health, safety and wellbeing risks are varied, from handling heavy materials and machinery on the factory floor, through to travelling or distributing our products or working at events. That’s why we’ve got a comprehensive programme, covering our business’s many moving parts.

Our approach

Our comprehensive health, safety and wellbeing management programme is based on local laws, regulations and best practice - along with HEINEKEN’s Global Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Nothing we do would be possible without our people, which is why the programme focuses heavily on our staff – through an induction programme, training and internal communications, and observations, monitoring and reporting. Our Health, Safety and Wellness Committee is key to making all these initiatives happen, and works with and for employees across the entire business.

We’re always looking for ways we can do better, which is why we have a "Climate Survey" and "Health, Safety and Wellbeing Culture Survey." These give our staff a chance to let us know how we’re doing, and show us how we can improve.

Our key targets and performance

In 2017, our initiatives to improve employee wellbeing earned us a Workwell Bronze accreditation at our Waitemata Brewery and Head Office. And our DB Draught Brewery earned a Silver Workwell accreditation towards the end of 2016.

We had four injuries in 2017. Three of these involved sprains or strains, and the other involved a slip, which caused a fractured hip

Key measures 2020 target 2017 2016 2015
Accidents 0 4 3 10
Accident frequency rate (accidents per 100 FTE)* 0 0.79 0.58 1.75
Warnings, fines or penalties for non-compliance 0 0 0 0

Looking ahead

Happy, healthy staff are the key to a happy, healthy business. So going forward, we’ll keep on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our employees through our partnerships, employee training, and support programmes.

Learn more

For an in-depth look at our priorities and progress around health, safety and wellbeing, have a read of our 2017 sustainability report

Case study: promoting good mental health and wellbeing for our people

An important part of our health, safety and wellbeing strategy is to develop a workforce that’s healthy and resilient. So in 2017, we invited well-known Kiwi entertainer and mental health educator Mike King to talk to our people about mental health, and how and where to seek help.

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