Sand is used in many things from construction, DIY projects and roading, but unfortunately, a majority of it is sourced directly from beaches. As a result, two thirds of the world’s beaches are retreating. In 2017, we saw an opportunity to help.

We worked with New Zealand’s largest glass recycler, Visy Recycling, to create "DB Export Beer Bottle Sand" - a sand-substitute made from finely crushed, recycled consumer waste glass.

An environmentally-friendly alternative to beach sand, "DB Export Beer Bottle Sand" gave the world a brand new way to reuse waste glass. While New Zealand has a high glass return rate of 73%, issues like quality and contamination mean a good portion of this glass can’t be recycled. The next best option is to repurpose it into other uses – like "DB Export Beer Bottle Sand".

Over the past year, 104 tonnes of the sand has been produced for a range of uses – from construction and roading, to DIY projects, to sports field drainage.

The idea was seen by 217 million people worldwide, and thousands of user-generated videos were shared directly from the "beer bottle sand machine". Our social media campaign had 55 million views and 700,000 shares – spreading the importance of recycling, and the negative impacts of sand dredging, to a mainstream audience.

"DB Export Beer Bottle Sand" is available for anyone to use, through Drymix eco-concrete mix - perfect for any DIY jobs you might have around the home. And today, we’re still exploring new opportunities and uses for "DB Export Beer Bottle Sand".