In 2018, DB piloted a globally designed behavioural change programme with five hospitality partners across Auckland and Christchurch. The experiment involved placing a series of interventions or 'nudges' in the bar environment with the aim of helping drivers to stay alcohol-free. These included digital and print signage, branded t-shirts, bar mats and key rings, specials for drivers that sign a pledge to stay alcohol-free, and high visibility alternative of drink options such as Heineken 0.0. Our goal was to understand if we could positively influence the decision-making process of drivers at the point of purchase.

Over the course of the study we saw a 7% decrease in the numbers of people driving home after drinking in Auckland. We also found that nine out of 10 people driving to bars and restaurants had already decided to drink alcohol and drive home before they had left the house, indicating that many people have their own rules around how much alcohol they think they can safely drink before driving.

The positive changes that we saw in a short timeframe suggest that a sustained programme of work could have a real impact on drink driving behaviour in New Zealand. The findings provide us with some credible insights that we will use to inform the next phase of the campaign in 2019.