Our head office and largest brewery is based in South Auckland, a region of New Zealand with the second-highest number of drink driving fatalities in the country. The culture in this community has historically been that drinking and driving is a ‘badge of honour’. In order to tackle this issue, DB partnered with award-winning local creative producers, 37Hz, to develop a unique and impactful drink driving reduction campaign called Keys Down, Real Talk. The phrase ‘real talk’ is a colloquial term in the community for serious conversation.

The campaign features three short videos featuring peoples’ real life experiences of drink driving alongside music from popular urban music artists - Tha Movement, Mareko and Swiss. The campaign message was simple: there’s no safe level of alcohol when you’re driving. The featured stories were sourced from the local community and selected because of their impact, while the artists were chosen because of their kudos in the local community. We knew that if a brewery and a popular rapper collaborated to share a message about drink driving, it had the potential to be powerful.

The initiative focused heavily on community engagement and reaching people with a powerful, authentic message. To that end, DB and 37Hz attended a number of local board meetings, community group meetings and safety council meetings to share the concept of Keys Down, Real Talk and ask for feedback and support in sharing the message. The final three videos incorporated this community feedback and were released biweekly on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in November 2018.

Since the launch, the campaign has reached over 185,000 people. Anecdotal feedback has also been very positive, including these two comments from Facebook users: ‘This should be the new drink driving ad’ and ‘Watching this gave me the chills. Thankful we [are] all still here’. We are continuing share this message online and develop new channels and formats for sharing this powerful and important message.