Drink driving is a significant issue in New Zealand. Alcohol is a factor in around 30% of New Zealand’s fatal road crashes, and the average annual social cost of drink-driving related crashes is $446 million.

That’s why, in 2017, DB teamed up with Auckland CoOp Taxis and Wellington Combined Taxis to help change Kiwi attitudes towards drink-driving, and encourage drinking in moderation. The partnership was also an opportunity to reiterate the Heineken® brand’s commitment to responsible consumption and promote its When You Drink, Never Drive message.

Between July and October, around 90 taxis across Auckland and Wellington displayed the "When You Drink, Never Drive" message. The taxis carried an estimated 100,000 passengers over that time – with the taxi branding showing our message to many thousands more. The campaign also ran on television and social media, reaching over 1 million Kiwi beer drinkers.

It was a great opportunity to show our commitment to responsible consumption, and to remind New Zealanders - "When You Drink, Never Drive".