Welcome to the DB Breweries 2016 Sustainability Report

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in 2016...

  • ...our breweries used
    3.3 hectolitres(hl) of water per hectolitre of beer or cider
    surpassing our 3.4 hl/hl target by 3%
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  • ...we reduced specific, greenhouse
    gas emissions to 5kg CO2-eq/hl.
    This successfully meets our
    44% reduction target set in 2008
  • ...we reached over 273,000 tertiary students
    with a 30% engagement rate through a digital
    Summer to Remember campaign
    promoting responsible
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  • ...we invested NZD $310,000 in
    29 community activities,
    and donations

    across New Zealand to make a positive local impact
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  • ...we provided all DB technicians with
    personal CO2 monitors
    to ensure any leaks were detected immediately
    reducing potential harm
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  • ...we had exceptional results in our Culture Survey with an 8% annual increase in both our
    co-operation & teamwork and engagement scores
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  • We reused or recycled
    of our waste
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  • ...93%
    of our procurement budget was
    spent on local suppliers